money, Banking agenda

Mad Money Mark IX
8th Annual Madison Meeting

on Money, Banking and Asset Markets

Sponsored by the UW School of Business and LAEF at UCSB

Friday September 22

1:30   Middlemen as Information Intermediaries: Evidence from Used Car Markets

By Gary Biglaiser (UNC), Fei Li (UNC), Charles Murry (Penn State) and Yiyi Zhou (Stoney
Brook) Discussant: TBA

2:30   The Emergence of Market Structure

By Maryam Farboodi (Princeton), Gregor Jarosch (Stanford) and Robert Shimer (Chicago) Discussant: 
Eric Smith (Essex)

3:30   Coffee Break

3:45   Tough Middlemen: A Theory of Intermediation as Pure Rent Extraction

By Maryam Farboodi (Princeton), Gregor Jarosch (Stanford) and Guido Menzio (Penn) Discussant: 
Adrian Masters (Albany)

4:45   Intermediation in Markets for Goods and Markets for Assets

By Ed Nosal (FRB Chicago), Yuet-Yee Wong (Binghamton) and Randall Wright (UW) Discussant: Andre 
Shevchenko (Michigan State)
5:45   Adjourn for the day.

6:00   Meet for cocktails.
Later: People are on our own for dinner but we will try to coordinate this.
Saturday September 23
9:45   Coffee etc.
10:00 Information and Search in Asset Markets
By Ben Lester (FRB-Phil), Ali Shourideh (CMU), Venky (NYU) and Ariel Zetlin-Jones (CMU) Discussant: 
Michael Choi (Iowa)

11:00 Endogenously Procyclical Liquidity, Capital Reallocation and q
By Melanie Cao (York) and Shouyong Shi (Penn State) Discussant: Alberto Trejos (INCAE)
12:00 Lunch (people are on their own; if you don’t know where to go … search).
1:15   Search in Capital Markets

By Andre Kurmann (Drexel) and Stan Rabinovitz (UNC) Discussant: Pablo Ottonello (Columbia)

2:15   A Searched-Based Framework of Capital Reallocation
By Feng Dong (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Pengfei Wang (Hong Kong University of
Science and Technology) and Yi Wen (FRB St Louis)
Discussant: Benoit Julien (UNSW Business School, Australia)

3:15   Coffee Break

3:30   Lending Relationships, Banking Crises, and Optimal Monetary Policy.

By Guillaume Rocheteau (UC-Irvine), Russell Wong (FRB Richmond) and Cathy Zhang
(Purdue and UWO)
Discussant: Lucas Herrenbrueck (SFU)

4:30   Limited Commitment and the Implementation of Monetary Policy
By Garth Baughman and Francesca Carapella (Fed Board of Governors) Discussant: Thanasis 
Geromichalos (UC-Davis)

5:30 Money Runs

By: Jason Donaldson (Wash U St Louis) and Giorgia Piacentino (Columbia) Discussant: Bruno Sultanan 
(FRB Richmond)
6:30   Move to Essen Haus - Come Back Inn