As health expenditure's share of total government spending, as well as total spending on health as a fraction of GDP, approaches 20 percent in the United States, issues related to the economics of health insurance and health expenditures have become increasingly important topics for economists.  The goal of this conference is to bring together macroeconomists developing dynamic general equilibrium models that can be used to evaluate health related government policies with those doing descriptive empirical work so that both groups can learn from each other.  Health and longevity are intimately linked to individual characteristics such as education, income, wealth and marital status. The goal of the papers in the conference is to better understand these relationships, and thereby better understand how government health care policies can shape the health and well-being of the nation.

Eric French, Senior Economist and Research Advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Gary Hansen, Professor of Economics at the University of California, Los Angeles, and Victor Ríos-Rull, Professor of Economics at the University of Minnesota.