MBCC IV Agenda

Monday, May 8:  Business Cycle and Long-run Trends

8:30-9:30               Secular Stagnation? Growth, Asset Returns and Welfare in the Next Decades: First Results                          Raphael Abiry (SAFE, Goethe University Frankfurt), Christian Geppert  (Directorate for                                  Employment, Labor and Social Affairs, Organization for Economic Development and Co-                                               operation, Paris) and Alexander Ludwig (SAFE, Goethe University Frankfurt)


9:30-9:45 Break


9:45-10:45           Capital Misallocation and Secular Stagnation

                Andrea Caggese (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, CREI & Barcelona GSE) and Ander Perez-Orive                       (Federal Reserve Board)


10:45-11:00 Break


11:00-12:00         Male Labor Supply and Generational Fiscal Policy

                                Aspen Gorry (Utah State University), Eric O’N. Fisher (California Polytechnic State                                            University) and Christian vom Lehn (Brigham Young University)


12:00-12:15 Lunch during next presentation


12:15-1:15           Putting the Cycle Back into Business Cycle Analysis

                                Paul Beaudry (University of British Columbia)Dana Galizia (Carleton University) and                                      Franck Portier (University of Toulouse)


Group photo and adjourn for the day   

7:00                        Party (with food and live music!) at Tonya and Finn Kydland's home, 8 Cortez Way, off of                              Manitou Rd (in the hills between 101 and the ocean), a 6-to-7-minute drive (or bicycle                                   ride!) from the Upham. Please talk with Laurie or Carlos about carpooling with a participant                                with a rental car or carpooling with a graduate student.



Tuesday, May 9:  Finance and Macro


8:30-9:30:            Equilibrium Wealth Share Dynamics

Ravi Bansal (Duke University)Colin Ward (University of Minnesota) and Amir Yaron (University of Pennsylvania)


9:30-9:45 Break


9:45-10:45           Optimal Contracts with Hidden Risk

                Rui Li (University of Massachusetts Boston) and Noah Williams (University of Wisconsin-             Madison)


                10:45-11:00 Break


11:00-12:00         Stimulative Effects of Temporary Corporate Tax Cuts                                                                                                     Rui Castro (University of Western Ontario) and William Gbohoui (International Monetary                     Fund)


12:00-12:15 lunch for next presentation


12:15-1:15           Optimal Debt Maturity and Firm Investment                                                                                                                      Joachim Jungherr (Institut d’Analisi Economica, CSIC) and Immo Schott (University of                                     Montreal)


Adjourn for the day 







Wednesday, May 10:  Implications of Private Information


8:30-9:30              Old, frail, and uninsured: Accounting for puzzles in the U.S. long-term care insurance market. 

R. Anton Braun (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta), Karen A. Kopecky (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta) and Tatyana Koreshkova (Concordia University)


9:30-9:45 Break


9:45-10:45           Firm Entry and Exit and Aggregate Growth                                                                                                                         Jose Asturias (Georgetown University Qatar), Sewon Hur (University of Pittsburgh),Timothy                                J. Kehoe (University of Minnesota) and Kim J. Ruhl (Pennsylvania State University)



10:45-11:00 Break





Fourth Annual Macroeconomics and Business CYCLE Conference

May 8-11, 2017

Sponsored by the Laboratory for Aggregate Economics and Finance




Thursday, May 11 Inequality and the Macro economy



8:30-9:30              The Disability Option: Labor Market Dynamics with Macroeconomic and Health Risks

Amanda Michaud (Indiana University) and David Wiczer (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)


9:30-9:40 Break


9:40-10:40           Sources of Inequality in Earnings Growth Over the Life Cycle                                                     Fatih Karahan (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)Serdar Ozkan (University                               of Toronto)and Jae Song (Social Security Administration)


10:40-10:50 Break


10:50-11:50         Saving and Dissaving with Hyperbolic Discounting

                        Dan Cao (Georgetown University) and Ivan Werning (MIT)


11:50-12:00 lunch for next presentation


12:00-1:00           Quality Hours

                        Christine Braun (UC Santa Barbara), Finn Kydland (UC Santa Barbara) and Peter                          Rupert (UC Santa Barbara)






 Conference Organizers:  Carlos Garriga and Peter Rupert